We are Mountain Packaging

Independent and locally owned


Disposables and Packaging Broker for over 20 years


Based out of Boise, ID


We are Mountain Food & Packaging

20 years experience in the food service business as a disposables and packaging broker in the Idaho Market
who we are

WHO WE ARELocally Owned and Operated

Mountain Food and Packaging is a locally owned and independent broker; as such we believe that your ability to work with the owner and other sales people directly will enable better results and more accountability for your business. Businesses owned and operated locally, like most of our customers are, lack layers of management and high overhead. We operate leaner and with a better salesperson/commission dollar ratio than our national Broker counterparts.

what we do

WHAT WE DOWe Build Relationships

We go to market by aligning our goals with our manufacturers and taking the best ideas and values possible to operators. A “Relationship” is the ability to get time with a customer because he or she trusts you will give them value for the time they invest. Relationships can only be formed over time and by repeatedly bringing products or ideas that pay off. Our longevity in the business, along with our product lines and operators, are what enable us to connect you to the local market.

our history

OUR HISTORYIndependent Since 1990

Our business started in Boise independently as Kenco Idaho in 1990, an informal partner to Kenco Sales in the Northwest. We specialized in Packaging and Disposables then branched into Food in the late 90’s. When Kenco Sales sold to Advantage Waypoint in 2012 we decided to stay independent and re-branded as Mountain Food and Packaging out of respect for the now retired “Kenco” name. Selling our food brokerage business in 2018 allows us to focus solely on disposables and packaging.



Buck Sawyer

Buck Sawyer

The most satisfying thing to me about this business is bringing a new product or concept, large or small, to the market and doing it well. It’s crafting a plan, working it through...changing where necessary but ending up making that product the new benchmark, the item that everyone has to now have to compete. Once the right operators have adopted either a product or idea there seems to be a tipping point where the sales come from all directions as a new normal is achieved. We’ve done it from hot cups to hamburger buns and it takes the right product but also demands a plan that gets worked to completion. Now that’s fun...
Chris Butzier

Chris Butzier

There are lots of ways to get a customer to buy an item, I draw on my retail experience for approaches. An example of this was working with a customer that was looking for a new hamburger bun. We had talked previously and steadily narrowed down what the customer was looking for, wanted to accomplish and was willing to spend. With those parameters in mind I brought in an assortment of buns, presented them in order of least likely to most likely and let the customer talk their way through them. By asking the right questions and presenting this way the customer was happy, sold and is still using the bun to this day. In my free time you will find me on the sideline of a soccer field coaching one of my teams, getting outdoors with my big golden retriever Timber, and spending time with my family.

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